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However, Framasoft reserves the right to use trademark law, especially in case of damage to the image of the PeerTube project, edited by Framasoft. ここにFramasoftはその商標登録を保持する意図として、PeerTubeという知的財産を奪う目的で利用させないため、またはPeerTubeというソフトウェアの合法的な使用を制約させないため、という点があることを再確認します。しかし、Framasoftは商標法を利用する権利を留保しています。特に、Framasoftによって編集された、PeerTubeプロジェクトのイメージに損害を与えるケースにおいては。
However, the uploader can display a <strong>support</strong> button under the video.
I administer a PeerTube platform PeerTubeの運営
I can't find my PeerTube platform on Sepia Search or and I can't add it: why? Sepia Searchまたは で自分のインスタンスを見つけられず、また両サイトに自分のインスタンスを加えることができません。なぜでしょうか?
I contribute to the source code PeerTubeへのコントリビュート
I don't like the name "PeerTube" 「PeerTube」という名前が好きではありません
I have found a security vulnerability in PeerTube. Where and how should I report it? PeerTubeにセキュリティ上の脆弱性を見つけました。どこに、どうやって報告すべきでしょうか?
I want to upload videos 動画を投稿したい方
I want to watch videos 動画を見たい方
If a video is less than 30 seconds in length, a view is sent after 75% of the video duration.
If it's free, can we upload illegal stuff on PeerTube? 自由(フリー)ソフトウェアのPeerTubeであれば、違法な動画を投稿できますか?
If you have a minimum amount of time and technical skills, creating your own platform (also called "instance") <strong>on your server</strong> is the best way to take advantage of PeerTube.
If you need help, check the <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">help page</a>. もしヘルプが必要なら<a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">ヘルプページ</a>をご覧ください。
If you notice performance problems or a bottleneck at your scale, don't hesitate to <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">create an issue</a> to discuss it.
If you see any problems with a video, <strong>report them to an administrator directly</strong> on the PeerTube platform where it is hosted.
If you want to store many videos on your PeerTube instance, you may want to store videos externally using <a href="" target="_blank">Object Storage</a>.
If you want to test the PeerTube develop branch, we provide <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">nightly builds</a>. もしPeerTubeの開発ブランチを試したい場合、私たちはPeerTubeの<a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">nightlyビルド</a>を配布しています。
In channel チャンネルを管理する
In its default configuration, PeerTube hides videos that contain sensitive content.
In other words, the management of PeerTube projects is operated by only one employee, who has other responsabilities in addition to his workload.
In terms of bandwidth, a lot will depend on which PeerTube instances you federate with and what your relation with them is (more about that below).
In terms of read speed, you want to make sure that you can saturate your network uplink serving PeerTube videos.
Increase the potential audience for your videos <strong>by connecting your PeerTube platform to the ones you want.</strong>
Install PeerTube on your server and create your "homemade YouTube" サーバーにPeerTubeをインストールすることで「自作YouTube」を作れます
IPFS is a great technology, but it still seems too young for streaming large files.
Is "PeerTube" a registered trademark? 「PeerTube」は登録商標ですか?
Is PeerTube a neutral software? PeerTubeは中立的なソフトウェアですか?
Is PeerTube GDPR compatible? PeerTubeはGDPRに対応していますか?
Is PeerTube's purpose to replace YouTube? PeerTubeの目的はYoutubeに取って代わる事ですか?
It can be enhanced by everyone's contributions. みなさんのコントリビューションによって、PeerTubeをより良いものにすることができます。
It decentralizes video storage and decision-making power; 動画を保管するストレージと意思決定の力が分散化されます;


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