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5752861278140673787 Ownership changes
4014335318155107533 VIDEO PLAYLISTS
ng2.template///da82c27f10ef6f1af1db305fe3f4ec29ed191878 Max lives created on your instance (-1 for "unlimited")
ng2.template///2180217594100853008 Live videos
e006ed166ce188cab168e1ca90435b33d042d913 Go the owner account page
ng2.template///8487565500496466433 Short (< 4 min)
5983006734882925930 My video history
ng2.template///3642535017283477339 Medium (4-10 min)
6328603643802633101 Create new synchronization
ng2.template///7cb03878e0d89e67d48c707512e876ddb8658a6b Max lives created per user (-1 for "unlimited")
29b4ae3296e239446fa0dea88a5112de15cffa54 Created by
f696d5719a2a79916d44a175743591dc0d5629fe Manage channel
8181077408762380407 Channels
ng2.template///6613870447286561244 Long (> 10 min)
ng2.template///1787083504545967 Relevance
8936704404804793618 Videos
5523952d0300c96cfba2ec5a693c95f923e90c40 Created <x id="INTERPOLATION"/>
b8bf6036a9fb05c08cdb190cdf4e3becc6e6fa0a SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL
ng2.template///7944277186358179990 Publish date
1823843876735462104 Playlists
ng2.template///19689f977565ebbf2a7ef115905e3c681917c57b Enable live transcoding
7916647920967632052 max size
ng2.template///fa4fcf11774c461346d54d0a210a20f8fbe571a2 Requires a lot of CPU!
ng2.template///2123659921722214537 Views
3215818381953526945 Videos that have the higher number of likes.
ng2.template///3208627574396957172 Search index is unavailable. Retrying with instance results instead.
6489275254908395777 Maximize editor
ng2.template///307702206382241469 Search error
4243591013849340688 Exit maximized editor
2687679787442328897 An email with verification link will be sent to <x id="PH"/>.
ng2.template///6183000905044663854 Search <x id="PH" equiv-text="this.currentSearch"/>
3856244462638931422 Verify account email confirmation
ng2.template///8491751845906232809 PeerTube instance host filter is invalid
4180693983967989981 Unable to find user id or verification string.
ng2.template///4580988005648117665 Search
ng2.template///320689395528621696 Navigate between plugins and themes
1783173774503340906 Subscribe to the account
ng2.template///7804724824750282316 <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ pagination.totalItems | myNumberFormatter }}"/> <x id="ICU" xid="3148804384763272950" equiv-text="{pagination.totalItems, plural, =1 {result} other {results}}"/>
3131904093925601441 PLAYLISTS
ng2.template///2687679787442328897 An email with verification link will be sent to <x id="PH"/>.
1593265243494758679 Studio for <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ }}"/>
ng2.template///3856244462638931422 Verify account email confirmation
5470809226184152498 CUT VIDEO
5639348768609905535 Set a new start/end.
ng2.template///1783173774503340906 Subscribe to the account
3432004930068835151 Trending for the last 24 hours
783359429228696335 New start
ng2.template///3131904093925601441 PLAYLISTS
ng2.template///1593265243494758679 Studio for <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ }}"/>
6716379522893509803 Trending videos are those totalizing the greatest number of views during the last 24 hours
8910806821370505981 New end
ng2.template///5470809226184152498 CUT VIDEO
2502254344085150809 ADD INTRO
ng2.template///782afa7c58d912592d73fce888ffce8542a4acf3 Write JavaScript code directly.<x id="LINE_BREAK" ctype="lb" equiv-text="&lt;br /&gt;"/>Example: <x id="START_TAG_PRE" ctype="x-pre" equiv-text="&lt;pre&gt;"/>console.log('my instance is amazing');<x id="CLOSE_TAG_PRE" ctype="x-pre" equiv-text="&lt;/pre&gt;"/>
ng2.template///5639348768609905535 Set a new start/end.
5030063045826839645 Concatenate a file at the beginning of the video.
ng2.template///783359429228696335 New start
4798642303989337390 Select the intro video file
ng2.template///8910806821370505981 New end
7698413240170540435 ADD OUTRO
2832051749922509643 Concatenate a file at the end of the video.
ng2.template///2502254344085150809 ADD INTRO
4368653199478595315 Select the outro video file
ng2.template///5030063045826839645 Concatenate a file at the beginning of the video.
ng2.template///4798642303989337390 Select the intro video file
3463158361655332380 ADD WATERMARK
ng2.template///7698413240170540435 ADD OUTRO
4472450670859114703 Add a watermark image to the video.
155510305759087510 Select watermark image file
ng2.template///6360987759186261451 PeerTube cannot handle this kind of file. Accepted extensions are <x id="PH" equiv-text="this.allowedExtensionsMessage"/>}.
ng2.template///2832051749922509643 Concatenate a file at the end of the video.
ng2.template///4368653199478595315 Select the outro video file
3926035808219061063 Run video edition
1514792472513458403 Video before edition
ng2.template///3463158361655332380 ADD WATERMARK
ng2.template///4472450670859114703 Add a watermark image to the video.
1109043661443571733 Edition tasks:
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