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First name Όνομα
an individual ιδιώτης
e.g. Ada
Legal entity Νομική οντότητα
e.g. Free Software Foundation π.χ. Free Software Foundation
a company επιχείρηση
Address Διεύθυνση
e.g. 12, Freedom Street
Address line 2 Διεύθυνση γραμμή 2
e.g. Building VI
Postal/Zip code Ταχυδρομικός κώδικας
e.g. 42100 π.χ. 42100
City Πόλη
e.g. Saint-Etienne π.χ. Saint-Etienne
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now τώρα
Why progressive fundraising over 6 months?
At a time when no one knows what the future holds, we deem it inappropriate to start a crowdfunding campaign and threaten not to do our best on PeerTube if we don't get the necessary funds.
We believe in the public utility of PeerTube, so much so that we commit to working on it for six months to make this v3 happen, even if we must do it with our own funds (which <a href="">we had already done for v2</a>).
We still hope that by sharing this roadmap as widely as possible, some of you will support us in our approach with a donation that will allow us to fund this project.
Global search Γενική αναζήτηση
Learn more on Μάθετε περισσότερα στο
Moderation tools Εργαλεία εποπτείας
Plugins & Playlists
Live streaming Ζωντανή ροή
<p>Today, when searching for videos on a PeerTube instance, it is hard to
<strong>find content that is not in the federation bubble</strong> of that instance.</p>

<p>We will create a <strong>server that indexes all videos</strong>
and channels from all PeerTube instances that are listed on
<a href="">the public directory</a>.
The code for this indexing engine will be open source,
so that anyone can host their own by setting their own eligibility rules.</p>

<p>Each PeerTube instance administrator will be able to choose to <strong>
use one of these indexing engines for their instance's search bar</strong>.</p>

<p>In addition, <strong>announcements</strong>
will allow instance administrators to display information to visitors.</p>
<p>While each new version of PeerTube has brought <a
href="">new moderation features</a>,
there is still much to be done to <strong>facilitate moderation</strong> of content and accounts within the fediverse.
That's why we want to <strong>dedicate a month to the development of new moderation tools</strong>.</p>

<p>The list of features we have to develop or improve is long: reports logs and monitoring, moderation history,
comments moderation, moderation reports related to an account, feedback on steps taken (or not) following a report,
<strong>fight against spam</strong>, sharing blocklists of instances, accounts or content...</p>

<p>This list is being built
<a href=""><strong>in collaboration with the community</strong></a>,
and it is with these needs in mind that we will try to prioritize the moderation tools developed during this month.</p>


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