Key English Tamazight (Central Atlas) Actions
ng2.template///1122876732223594710 The url is not secured (no HTTPS), so the embed video won't work on HTTPS websites (web browsers block non secured HTTP requests on HTTPS websites).
ng2.template///6460270615876918310 Share the playlist at this video position
ng2.template///1452803153270294110 Autoplay
ng2.template///1253396341165671470 Share the video
ng2.template///6375858514817734542 Auto select subtitle
ng2.template///2784956659778044823 Loop
ng2.template///5908032061347078472 Use origin instance URL
ng2.template///6212841954039032241 Display video title
ng2.template///1068153312491986796 Display privacy warning
ng2.template///7540352830225038263 Display player controls
ng2.template///805456636864344681 Display PeerTube button link
ng2.template///2353402732767789211 More customization
ng2.template///1284179134768564307 Less customization
ng2.template///1795705931707209785 Add to watch later
ng2.template///8498940878158860248 Remove from watch later
ng2.template///493135676263039396 LIVE
ng2.template///1219783168145776019 LIVE ENDED
ng2.template///5226261760726752768 Live information
ng2.template///4853631149357965563 Update live settings
ng2.template///7220386604464537651 Live RTMP Url
ng2.template///1225050607125362052 Live stream key
ng2.template///5058286083557987083 ⚠️ Never share your stream key with anyone.
ng2.template///1276362324126004421 Permanent live
ng2.template///3112273530390098557 Replay will be saved
ng2.template///2330577642930707695 Cancel
ng2.template///6746743143272021955 Violent or repulsive
ng2.template///5272553814105457319 Contains offensive, violent, or coarse language or iconography.
ng2.template///6979166468838302269 Hateful or abusive
ng2.template///8006612645824137458 Contains abusive, racist or sexist language or iconography.
ng2.template///5413552012131573970 Spam, ad or false news
ng2.template///6374940465448453212 Contains marketing, spam, purposefully deceitful news, or otherwise misleading thumbnail/text/tags. Please provide reputable sources to report hoaxes.
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Empty PeerTube/angular
The following string has different context, but the same source.
Translated PeerTube/player USRID


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English Tamazight (Central Atlas)
live PeerTube

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String age
a year ago
Source string age
a year ago
Translation file
client/src/locale/angular.tzm.xlf, string 715