Key English Sardinian
8768506950499277937 Copyright
380450014369168564 Infringes your copyright wrt. the regional laws with which the server must comply.
1378933246324202613 Breaks server rules
7930601470861156366 Anything not included in the above that breaks the terms of service, code of conduct, or general rules in place on the server.
6907161397537530258 Thumbnails
8700771664729810984 The above can only be seen in thumbnails.
2602773901491715295 Captions
5779804235244672536 The above can only be seen in captions (please describe which).
1472171759957681533 Video reported.
5108124319304980502 Report video "<x id="INTERPOLATION"/>"
1394835141143590910 Start at
5964984095397511808 Stop at
2816407313459209541 Your report will be sent to moderators of <x id="INTERPOLATION"/><x id="START_TAG_NG_CONTAINER"/> and will be forwarded to the video origin (<x id="INTERPOLATION_1"/>) too<x id="CLOSE_TAG_NG_CONTAINER"/>.
6549061957433635758 Process domains
3516494528184217808 1 host (without "http://") per line
5708680277917691451 <x id="PH"/> users banned.
2448281151916042849 User <x id="PH"/> banned.
6325096236207614377 Reason...
7908493851025027368 A banned user will no longer be able to login.
3616223838716839702 Ban this user
4762794934098378428 Video blocked.
7256462927215762997 Please describe the reason...
4526499522377118108 Block video "<x id="INTERPOLATION"/>"
2992313729068029516 Block live "<x id="INTERPOLATION"/>"
8558962068274430520 Unfederate the video
4710350176324657996 This will ask remote instances to delete it
1974768985735973432 Blocking this live will automatically terminate the live stream.
8639315630141911544 Account <x id="PH"/> unmuted by your instance.
9191505323045740697 Block reason must be at least 2 characters long.


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English Sardinian
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