Key English Kabyle
ng2.template///5514849824631859021 100GB 100GAṬ
ng2.template///8245180845645676506 200GB 200GAṬ
ng2.template///5468089754278798237 500GB 500GAṬ
ng2.template///3977630500122496087 10MB 10GAṬ
ng2.template///2060593120571755546 50MB 50GAṬ
ng2.template///7653028819867308249 2GB 2GAṬ
ng2.template///7641416475804061087 10GB 10GAṬ
ng2.template///2520968456492632777 <x id="PH"/> accepted in instance followers <x id="PH"/> yettwaqbal deg yineḍfaren n tummant
ng2.template///450530533730658004 Do you really want to reject this follower? Tebɣiḍ s tidet ad tagiḍ aneḍfar-a?
ng2.template///7378878529334768232 Reject Aggi
ng2.template///2040902819815401278 <x id="PH"/> rejected from instance followers <x id="PH"/> yettwagi sɣur ineḍfaren n tummant
ng2.template///3620117223790525725 Do you really want to delete this follower? D tidet tebɣiḍ ad tekkseḍ aneḍfar-a?
ng2.template///2452034338905853167 <x id="PH"/> removed from instance followers <x id="PH"/> yettwakkes sɣur ineḍfaren n tummant
ng2.template///6018246591673612412 Follow Follow
ng2.template///3596798855644241001 1 host (without "http://"), account handle or channel handle per line 1 host (without "http://"), account handle or channel handle per line
ng2.template///2355066641781598196 Follow request(s) sent! Asuter n uḍfar yettwazen!
ng2.template///3459358413436264734 Your instance subscriptions Your instance subscriptions
ng2.template///4245720728052819482 Do you really want to unfollow <x id="PH"/>? Tebɣiḍ s tidet ad tḥebseḍ aḍfar n <x id="PH"/>?
ng2.template///3935234189109112926 You are not following <x id="PH"/> anymore. Ur teṭṭafareḍ <x id="PH"/> yiwen.
ng2.template///2593763089859685916 enabled irmed
ng2.template///8444272719785117681 disabled Ittwasens
ng2.template///135214224090612796 Redundancy for <x id="PH"/> is <x id="PH_1"/> Allus n <x id="PH"/> d <x id="PH_1"/>
ng2.template///81585474102700882 Used Yettwaseqdec
ng2.template///3955868613858648955 Available Yewjed
ng2.template///5875705095657098468 Do you really want to remove this video redundancy? Tebɣiḍ s tidet ad tekkseḍ allus n tvidyut-a?
ng2.template///9098272570113000349 Remove redundancy Tukksa n wallus
ng2.template///6537102123107780785 Video redundancies removed! Allus n tvidyut yettwakkes!
ng2.template///8639315630141911544 Account <x id="PH"/> unmuted by your instance. Amiḍan <x id="PH"/> yettwakkes-as usgugem s tummant-inek·inem.
ng2.template///3371601176452094961 Instance <x id="PH"/> unmuted by your instance. Tummant <x id="PH"/> yettwakkes-as usgugem s tummant-ik·im.


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