Key English Lojban Actions
1902100407096396858 Categories Categories
3599150758014724057 All videos All videos
8466337030143068285 Blurred Blurred
7054829409324166420 hidden hidden
5766954855630346873 blurred blurred
1833483831276078393 displayed displayed
4856575356061361269 <x id="PH"/> direct account followers <x id="PH"/> direct account followers
6250999352462648289 Report this account Report this account
2614607010577950577 Overview Overview
1504521795586863905 VIDEOS VIDEOS
25349740244798533 Username copied Username copied
9221735175659318025 1 subscriber 1 subscriber
4097331874769079975 <x id="PH"/> subscribers <x id="PH"/> subscribers
1035838766454786107 Audio-only Audio-only
8011855989482474311 A &lt;code&gt;.mp4&lt;/code&gt; that keeps the original audio track, with no video A &lt;code&gt;.mp4&lt;/code&gt; that keeps the original audio track, with no video
7756250490108954499 144p 144p
3768852440495368591 240p 240p
6824490596490222280 360p 360p
4039682741786530029 480p 480p
5165245100010036661 720p 720p
7709767791012306261 1080p 1080p
3671005503070777897 1440p 1440p
597839553814574067 2160p 2160p
3957742085471141221 Auto (via ffmpeg) Auto (via ffmpeg)
3642770981085338761 Followers of your instance Followers of your instance
931255636742351800 No limit No limit
5250062810079582285 1 hour 1 hour
8662356672298904015 3 hours 3 hours
1794624538833178491 5 hours 5 hours
4941148355486671862 10 hours 10 hours
6659155428791414865 x264, targeting maximum device compatibility x264, targeting maximum device compatibility
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Needs editing PeerTube/angular
The following string has different context, but the same source.
Empty PeerTube/PeerTube


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English Lojban
144p PeerTube

String information

String age
6 months ago
Source string age
6 months ago
Translation file
client/src/locale/angular.jbo.xlf, string 1202