Key English English (United Kingdom) Actions
1636934520301910285 Reset password Reset password
3851357780293085233 Remote interaction Remote interaction
5032453707232754344 Playlist <x id="PH"/> created. Playlist <x id="PH"/> created.
5674286808255988565 Create Create
8869957234869568361 Update playlist Update playlist
5851560788527570644 Notifications Notifications
6658000829978978023 Applications Applications
104404386496394770 Delete playlist Delete playlist
1431617394009162547 Playlist <x id="PH"/> updated. Playlist <x id="PH"/> updated.
4844578664427956129 Change ownership Change ownership
3380608219513805292 Playlist <x id="PH"/> deleted. Playlist <x id="PH"/> deleted.
3058024914967508975 My videos My videos
8197117721861453263 Do you really want to delete <x id="PH"/> videos? Do you really want to delete <x id="PH"/> videos?
2728855911908920537 <x id="PH"/> videos deleted. <x id="PH"/> videos deleted.
2591467977473302125 Videos list Videos list
2027805873922338635 Do you really want to delete <x id="PH" equiv-text="videoPlaylist.displayName"/>? Do you really want to delete <x id="PH"/>?
2767660806989176400 Video <x id="PH"/> deleted. Video <x id="PH"/> deleted.
6389312883797462351 Studio Studio
6810714890760227072 Ownership change request sent. Ownership change request sent.
7699622144571229146 Sort by Sort by
3245220240937722814 My channels My channels
7545420287297803988 My playlists My playlists
2527931602940887636 My subscriptions My subscriptions
5177154708872200221 You don't have any subscription yet. You don't have any subscription yet.
1991904494976135035 My abuse reports My abuse reports
5752861278140673787 Ownership changes Ownership changes
5983006734882925930 My video history My video history
8181077408762380407 Channels Channels
8936704404804793618 Videos Videos
1823843876735462104 Playlists Playlists
7916647920967632052 max size max size


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English English (United Kingdom)
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5 months ago
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5 months ago
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client/src/locale/angular.en-GB.xlf, string 1480