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780869536819343075 Captions cache size must be greater than 1.
ng2.template///5149234672404299151 Autoplay next video
ng2.template///5870421136141540382 Stop looping playlist videos
ng2.template///6360987759186261451 PeerTube cannot handle this kind of file. Accepted extensions are <x id="PH" equiv-text="this.allowedExtensionsMessage"/>}.
2498218540197718478 Captions cache size must be a number.
ng2.template///1599585307037758139 Loop playlist videos
818392297325723982 Signup limit is required.
ng2.template///3704292036525161260 Placeholder image
5630311719329022718 Signup limit must be greater than 1. Use -1 to disable it.
2555843408410000965 Signup limit must be a number.
ng2.template///677619204556459328 Like this video
346485141381099383 Signup minimum age is required.
ng2.template///1979134407801821102 Dislike this video
ng2.template///4001371302469308813 Support options for this video
4230672031132838318 Signup minimum age must be greater than 1.
ng2.template///1950057220179636309 Save to playlist
5929230001329133993 Signup minimum age must be a number.
ng2.template///8272123190776748811 You need to be &lt;a href="/login"&gt;logged in&lt;/a&gt; to rate this video.
240096858386658337 Admin email is required.
ng2.template///961774488937452220 This video is not available on this instance. Do you want to be redirected on the origin instance: &lt;a href="<x id="PH"/>"&gt;<x id="PH_1"/>&lt;/a&gt;?
4392533896009432078 Admin email must be valid.
ng2.template///953cc45f4ac17dee9271bd9a3667489c03c8076b Provide the Twitter account representing your instance to improve link previews. If you don't have a Twitter account, just leave the default value.
ng2.template///5761611056224181752 Redirection
6172217783476989430 Transcoding threads is required.
ng2.template///8858527736400081688 This video contains mature or explicit content. Are you sure you want to watch it?
5320424292625586941 Transcoding threads must be greater or equal to 0.
8185661254949728718 Max live duration is required.
ng2.template///3937119019020041049 Mature or explicit content
ng2.template///1755474755114288376 Up Next
8892863662898651766 Max live duration should be greater or equal to -1.
8196240396863235661 Max instance lives is required.
ng2.template///2159130950882492111 Cancel
ng2.template///84fa6178d3a14368a4f2fde86c4c2c4e8764aa76 Estimating a server's capacity to transcode and stream videos isn't easy and we can't tune PeerTube automatically.
913683464711184925 Max instance lives should be greater or equal to -1.
ng2.template///cf385a62ac2f7e599d5dab1ea3fcd86a739ec098 However, you may want to read our guidelines before tweaking the following values.
ng2.template///3354816756665089864 Autoplay is suspended
ng2.template///5975923297757530070 <x id="START_TAG_DIV" ctype="x-div" equiv-text="&lt;div&gt;"/>Default NSFW/sensitive videos policy<x id="CLOSE_TAG_DIV" ctype="x-div" equiv-text="&lt;/div&gt;"/><x id="START_TAG_DIV_1" ctype="x-div_1" equiv-text="&lt;div class=&quot;c-hand more-info&quot; (click)=&quot;openQuickSettingsHighlight()&quot;&gt;"/>can be redefined by the users<x id="CLOSE_TAG_DIV" ctype="x-div" equiv-text="&lt;/div&gt;"/>
5614457087254770778 Max user lives is required.
ng2.template///5856931617181450881 Enter/exit fullscreen
ng2.template///6d13d93e4896cd78cf72a2c9d470aea192fcb33b Read guidelines
2779726697233311712 Max user lives should be greater or equal to -1.
ng2.template///2971009377468404076 Play/Pause the video
351272950792130803 Max video channels per user is required.
ng2.template///4147087312411482964 Mute/unmute the video
ng2.template///4791956574676305640 Skip to a percentage of the video: 0 is 0% and 9 is 90%
5253683089104713724 Max video channels per user must be greater or equal to 1.
ng2.template///3887762369650091344 Increase the volume
8354695459880751923 Max video channels per user must be a number.
ng2.template///1363382131573461910 Decrease the volume
5832601947705094130 Concurrency is required.
ng2.template///1502595455339510144 Unlimited <x id="START_TAG_NG_CONTAINER" ctype="x-ng_container" equiv-text="&lt;ng-container *ngIf=&quot;dailyUserVideoQuota !== -1&quot;&gt;"/>(<x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ dailyUserVideoQuota | bytes: 0 }}"/> per day)<x id="CLOSE_TAG_NG_CONTAINER" ctype="x-ng_container" equiv-text="&lt;/ng-container&gt;"/>
4751566092251132371 Concurrency should be greater or equal to 1.
ng2.template///2541031516422557760 Seek the video forward
ng2.template///8813023402019364882 Seek the video backward
75589896034107743 Index URL should be a URL
3964961007325702684 Search index URL should be a URL
ng2.template///581757752202843950 Increase playback rate
ng2.template///5467642834854681120 Decrease playback rate
8602814243662345124 Email is required.
4921929243068857081 Sun
4591482207344282590 Email must be valid.
ng2.template///3860402955823859506 Navigate in the video to the previous frame
ng2.template///7864066132065250510 <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ maxUserLives }}"/> per user / <x id="INTERPOLATION_1" equiv-text="{{ maxInstanceLives }}"/> per instance
544279804045883862 Handle is required.
8563137213157122993 Mon
ng2.template///8232494782895420700 Navigate in the video to the next frame
ng2.template///8223917068580581095 Toggle theater mode
8502240922750617054 Tue
2805037637775107078 Handle must be valid (eg.
ng2.template///8025996572234182184 Like the video
ng2.template///c5bc90e334dc36ba82d4050e69b024713f86e71f The original file resolution will be the default target if no option is selected.
7421778640995344715 Wed
4968369344159400023 Your name is required.
5799695548385507586 Your name must be at least 1 character long.
ng2.template///7692127636377222448 Dislike the video
4409954796361883558 Thu
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