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%{instance} is powered by Mobilizon. %{instance} es una instància Mobilizon.
<b>%{instance}</b> is powered by Mobilizon. <b>%{instance}</b> es una instància Mobilizon.
A request is pending! Una requèsta en espèra!
An event is upcoming! Un eveniment es a venir!
Confirm new email Confirmatz vòstra adreça electronica
End Fin
Event update! Eveniment actualizat!
Flagged comments Comentaris senhalats
Good news: one of the event organizers just approved your request. Update your calendar, because you're on the guest list now!
Hi there! It seems like you wanted to change the email address linked to your account on <b>%{instance}</b>. If you still wish to do so, please click the button below to confirm the change. You will then be able to log in to %{instance} with this new email address.
Hi there! Just a quick note to confirm that the email address linked to your account on %{host} has been changed from this one to:
If you did not trigger this change yourself, it is likely that someone has gained access to your %{host} account. Please log in and change your password immediately. If you cannot login, contact the admin on %{host}.
If you didn't trigger the change yourself, please ignore this message. Your password won't be changed until you click the link above.
If you didn't trigger this email, you may safely ignore it. S’avètz pas demandat aquò, mercés d’ignorar aqueste messatge.
If you wish to cancel your attendance, visit the event page through the link above and click the « Attending » button. Se vos fa besonh d’anullar vòstra participacion, vos cal pas qu’accedir a la pagina de l’eveniment via lo ligam çai-jos e clicar lo boton de participacion.
Learn more about Mobilizon here! Ne saber mai tocant Mobilizon.
Location Localizacion
Location address was removed L’adreça fisica es estada levada
Manage pending requests Gerir las demandas de participacions en espèra
Nearly there! I sètz gaireben!
New email confirmation Confirmacion d'e-mail novèl
Reasons for report Rason del senhalament
Someone on <b>%{instance}</b> reported the following content for you to analyze: Qualqu’un de <b>%{instance}</b> a senhalat aqueste contengut:
Sorry! You're not going.
Start Debuta
There have been changes for %{title} so we'd thought we'd let you know.
This event has been cancelled by its organizers. Sorry! Aqueste eveniment foguèt anullat pels seus organizators. Desolat!
This event has been confirmed L’eveniment es estat confirmat
This event has yet to be confirmed: organizers will let you know if they do confirm it. Aqueste eveniment deu encara èsser confirmat: los organizators vos avisaràn quand siá confirmat.
Unfortunately, the organizers rejected your request. Malaürosament, los organizaires an regetada vòstra demanda de participacion.
Verify your email address Verificar l’adreça electronica


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