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should be %{count} character(s) seharusnya %{count} karakter
should have %{count} item(s)
should be at least %{count} character(s) seharusnya sekurang-kurangnya %{count} karakter
should have at least %{count} item(s)
should be at most %{count} character(s)
should have at most %{count} item(s)
must be less than %{number} harus kurang dari %{number}
must be greater than %{number} harus lebih dari %{number}
must be less than or equal to %{number} seharusnya kurang dari atau sama dengan %{number}
must be greater than or equal to %{number} harus lebih dari atau sama dengan %{number}
must be equal to %{number} harus sama dengan %{number}
Cannot refresh the token
Current profile is not a member of this group
Current profile is not an administrator of the selected group
Error while saving user settings
Group not found Kelompok tidak ditemukan
Group with ID %{id} not found Kelompok dengan ID %{id} tidak ditemukan
Impossible to authenticate, either your email or password are invalid.
Member not found
No profile found for the moderator user
No user to validate with this email was found
No user with this email was found
Profile is not owned by authenticated user
Registrations are not open
The current password is invalid
The new email doesn't seem to be valid
The new email must be different
The new password must be different
The password provided is invalid
The password you have chosen is too short. Please make sure your password contains at least 6 characters.
This user can't reset their password


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