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Join me and support PeerTube, a free software to take back control of your videos! Um ''software'' gratuito para recuperar o controle dos seus vídeos
Let’s support PeerTube
Who are we?
<strong>Framasoft</strong> (that's us!) is a French non-for-profit organization created in 2004, dedicated <strong>to popular education</strong> on digital matters. Our small association (under 40 members, under 10 employees) is known to have made the <a href="">"De-google-ify the Internet" project</a>, offering 34 ethical and alternative online tools.
Our association creates digital tools (services, courses and resources, software) to equip the people who participate in a "contribution society". Amongst these, we lead the development of federated software PeerTube and Mobilizon (an upcoming alternative to Facebook events, pages and groups).
Recognised as being of general interest, over 95% of our association's budget comes from donations made by people who support and trust us.
Learn more about Framasoft Saiba mais sobre o ''software'' gratuito e livre
Guest designer
Throughout this development period we will be improving the user experience and interface of PeerTube to provide more clarity and power at every level of use.
« Independent designer, UX researcher who seeks to acquire a thorough and deep understanding of uses and design user-friendly, ethical and inclusive tools. »
value valor
Our content selection As nossas seleções de conteúdo
Our contents selection As nossas seleções de conteúdo
Our plugin selection As nossas seleções de conteúdo
Our plugins selection As nossas seleções de conteúdo
Does PeerTube ensure federation compatibility with previous versions?
Does PeerTube offer moderation tools?
Does PeerTube support horizontal scaling?
How do I install PeerTube? Como é que eu instalo o PeerTube?
How do I report PeerTube content? Como é que eu contribuiu para o código do PeerTube?
How does PeerTube count views? Como é que eu instalo o PeerTube?
I don't like the name "PeerTube"
I have found a security vulnerability in PeerTube. Where and how should I report it?
If it's free, can we upload illegal stuff on PeerTube?
Is "PeerTube" a registered trademark?
Is PeerTube a neutral software?


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