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Making moderation easier
our desires and projects for the future of PeerTube (we are considering a new crowdfunding, and dreaming of a video-remix tool and of live streaming!).
Sharing blocklists (spam)
These developments are funded by donations made to our small nonprofit organization: Framasoft. We will be raising funds progressively over the next six months of development, so that you can help us in our efforts.
Step 3
Our plans for PeerTube v4
(Aug. - Sept.)
Online playlists sharing
Plugins (annotations, etc)
Our wonderful community of translators is once again to thank for their work, after they enriched PeerTube with <b>3 new languages</b>: Finnish, Greek and Scottish Gaelic, making PeerTube now available in 22 languages.
PeerTube uses ActivityPub because this federation protocol is recommended by the W3C and is already used by the federated social network Mastodon.
Promoting plugins
Step 4
(Oct. - Nov.)
PeerTube vx.y.z does not seem to me to contain all the tools necessary for a good management of my instance.
Peer-to-peer (30s - 1min lag)
Peer-to-peer (30s - 1mn lag)
peer-to-peer live streaming
No chat, no gifs, no ❤️ 👍
PeerTube 1.3 is out!
Post-live publishing
Learn more about those steps
PeerTube 1.4 is out!
PeerTube's federation protocol is fluid (everyone can choose who they want to follow), and based on <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">ActivityPub</a>: this opens the possibility to connect with tools like Mastodon for example.
Peertube 1.4 just came out! Here's a quick overview of what's new…
"Another" world cannot be built using surveillance capitalism's tools.
Making it easier to access content, sharing power and responsibilities, opening up to contributions, generalizing live broadcasting thanks to peer-to-peer... PeerTube’s v3 aims to consolidate it as an alternative to Google-Youtube and Facebook-Live that is more and more convivial.
PeerTube 2.1 is out!
PeerTube 2.2 is out!
<a href="">Read Framasoft's statement on the Framablog</a>
PeerTube 2.2 report window
The money donated via this form will be exclusively dedicated to the PeerTube project.
Share and follow
PeerTube 2.2 version already features improvements on video reporting interface, such as search filters, quick actions on videos and accounts, video thumbnails, quick access to embed, etc.
PeerTube 2.3 is out!
Thank you very much for your donation to the PeerTube project!
Thank you
PeerTube 2.3 report window
PeerTube 2.4 is out!
Thanks to you, Framasoft’s teams will be able to continue and expand the work already started on this software.
PeerTube also allows you to <strong>import audio files</strong>. Quite a nice feature to share musical arrangements or podcasts without having to make a clip. When you upload the audio file, it is even possible to add an illustrative picture that will be fused with the file. However, be careful because the picture you choose will be definitive and you will not be able to change it.
The success of this fundraising depends only on you: <strong>we need you</strong> to raise awareness about this roadmap, so we can share our enthousiasm about Peertube's v3.
Feel free <strong>to share your gesture</strong> on your favourite social networks and to talk about PeerTube around you!
PeerTube crowdfunding newsletter #1
PeerTube crowdfunding newsletter #2
PeerTube crowdfunding newsletter #3
PeerTube crowdfunding newsletter #4


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