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November 12, 2019
Support the development of PeerTube!
Donate, share: we will need all the help we can get to complete this roadmap.
Now, administrators can <strong>manage more finely how other instances subscribe to their own instance</strong>. The administrator can decide whether or not to approve the subscription of another instance to its own. It is also possible to activate automatic rejection for any new subscription to its instance. Finally, a notification is created as soon as the administrator's instance receives a new subscription. These features help administrators control on which instances their content is displayed.
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Now, this system allows each administrator to <b>create specific plug-ins</b> depending on their needs. They may install extensions created by other people on their instance as well. For example, it is now possible to install community created graphical themes to change the instance visual interface.
PeerTube is a tool, so is it neutral?
Step 1
October 16, 2018
PeerTube is free, decentralized, distributed, and does not impose any remuneration model. This is the choice we have made, which is debatable, and others (like have made other choices, which have their advantages. So it’s up to you to see what suits you.
Search through the fediverse
Ability to create search indexes
PeerTube is just a software: it's not Framasoft (non-profit that develops PeerTube) that's responsible for the content published on some instances.
Instance broadcast messages
PeerTube is not a website: it is software that allows a web hoster (for example, Dominique) to create a video website (let's call it DominiqueTube).
WIP to improve UX/UI
A roadmap in 4 steps
Step 2
Your email
PeerTube is the realization of the commitment we made in October 2017 to take PeerTube from an alpha version (personal project and proof of concept that a federated video platform could work) to a 1.0 version in October 2018 (which does not mean "final version", but "version considered stable and distributable").
From June to November 2020, Framasoft will develop new features and improvements for PeerTube. We have broken down this roadmap into 4 main steps, each with its own schedule and cost, leading to the addition of peer-to-peer powered live streaming to PeerTube v3.
Feedback on reports
Making moderation easier
Sharing blocklists (spam)
our desires and projects for the future of PeerTube (we are considering a new crowdfunding, and dreaming of a video-remix tool and of live streaming!).
These developments are funded by donations made to our small nonprofit organization: Framasoft. We will be raising funds progressively over the next six months of development, so that you can help us in our efforts.
Step 3
Our plans for PeerTube v4
(Aug. - Sept.)
Online playlists sharing
Plugins (annotations, etc)
PeerTube uses ActivityPub because this federation protocol is recommended by the W3C and is already used by the federated social network Mastodon.
Our wonderful community of translators is once again to thank for their work, after they enriched PeerTube with <b>3 new languages</b>: Finnish, Greek and Scottish Gaelic, making PeerTube now available in 22 languages.
Promoting plugins
Step 4
(Oct. - Nov.)
PeerTube vx.y.z does not seem to me to contain all the tools necessary for a good management of my instance.
Peer-to-peer (30s - 1min lag)
Peer-to-peer (30s - 1mn lag)
peer-to-peer live streaming
No chat, no gifs, no ❤️ 👍
Post-live publishing
PeerTube 1.3 is out!
PeerTube 1.4 is out!
PeerTube's federation protocol is fluid (everyone can choose who they want to follow), and based on <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">ActivityPub</a>: this opens the possibility to connect with tools like Mastodon for example.
Learn more about those steps
Peertube 1.4 just came out! Here's a quick overview of what's new…
"Another" world cannot be built using surveillance capitalism's tools.


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