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infography Infography *@:txt.soft’s world* made by
infos ## The @:txt.soft association

The network @:html.soft relies on its large community of volunteers but
could not exist if it wasn’t supported by an association founded in 2004.

The @:html.soft association is a 1901 not-for-profit association whose character
of general interest authorizes a tax deduction. Which shows its willingness
to stay an association on a human scale (less than forty members, less than
ten permanent staff)

You will find below some information including our statutes, the rules of procedure
and the annual moral reports.
statuts Statutes of the association
ri Internal Regulations
data->title Administrative and practical data
data->dt->juridical Legal form
data->dt->coprez Co-chair
data->dt->dg Co-direction
data->dt->registration Registration of the association
data->dt->staff Salaried
data->dt->headquarters Headquarters
data->dt->org Organization
data->dt->id Full identification
data->dt->projects Main projects
data->dt->charte Charters
data->dt->reports Moral reports
data->dt->newsletter Newsletter
data->dt->press Press and media review
data->dt->graphics Visuals
data->dt->community Communitiy
data->dt->founders Founders
data->dd->juridical Association law of 1901, recognized of general interest
data->dd->staff @:people.employees employees
data->dd->org Association supporting free and contributing projects
data->dd->id See the file
data->dd->charte Charter of the association and its services
data->dd->moderation Charter of moderation
data->dd->reportsFinancial Financial report
data->dd->reportsWriting activity report in progress
data->dd->reportsResults Income statement


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