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What is PeerTube video / subtitlesCatalan

Committed changes 11 months ago
Peertube is an open-source video platform.
Peertube és una plataforma de vídeo de codi lliure.
11 months ago
11 months ago
just join PeerTube:
just joinsuma't a PeerTube:
11 months ago
one video at a time…
onde viídeo at a timeen vídeo
11 months ago
get its control back,
get itsrecupera'n el control back,
11 months ago
Make the web yours again,
Make the web yours againReapropia't de la web,
11 months ago
the Peertube instance that really suits you.
the Peertube instance that really suits yola instància de Peertube que millor s'adapti a tu.
11 months ago
you'll be able to find and join
you'll be able to find and joinpodràs trobar i afegir-te
11 months ago
In the long run,
In the long runA la llarga,
11 months ago
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