Key English Hebrew Actions
6741838149332998818 Who we are מי אנחנו
4722135551130122302 Why we created this instance
6434467346812189214 How long we plan to maintain this instance
2646614e3af5f103885f64e4f097e45569091fd6 How we will pay for this instance
7707185552909365717 INFORMATION
8685905644837116382 MODERATION
3076079242537393946 Moderation information
4127416011499804250 Code of conduct
9178042134345945115 OTHER INFORMATION
4281738631669138686 Hardware information
1045244999981860085 Developed with ❤ by <x id="START_LINK"/>Framasoft<x id="CLOSE_LINK"/>
2381859602529023966 Instance
5066829276646988805 PeerTube
8602814243662345124 Email is required.
4591482207344282590 Email must be valid.
4968369344159400023 Your name is required.
5799695548385507586 Your name must be at least 1 character long.
3600004643604731577 Your name cannot be more than 120 characters long.
3981804692726336204 A subject is required.
7787099349830266861 The subject must be at least 1 character long.
5905189237950302829 The subject cannot be more than 120 characters long.
847704400962945123 A message is required.
3871842658394273178 The message must be at least 3 characters long.
3731145759205895653 The message cannot be more than 5000 characters long.
8351124097389031348 What is PeerTube?
1161141363959659794 PeerTube is a self-hosted ActivityPub-federated video streaming platform using P2P directly in your web browser.
6469b375536342370eefd959bb72a06dc3d5884b It is a free and open-source software, under the <x id="START_LINK"/>AGPLv3 licence<x id="CLOSE_LINK"/>.
7257048945916143687 For more information, please visit <x id="START_LINK"/><x id="CLOSE_LINK"/>.
8205344394429673413 Use PeerTube documentation
8674693181203168033 Discover how to setup your account, what is a channel, how to create a playlist and more!
5336387229608682776 PeerTube Applications


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