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8351124097389031348 What is PeerTube?
1161141363959659794 PeerTube is a self-hosted ActivityPub-federated video streaming platform using P2P directly in your web browser.
6469b375536342370eefd959bb72a06dc3d5884b It is a free and open-source software, under the <x id="START_LINK"/>AGPLv3 licence<x id="CLOSE_LINK"/>.
7257048945916143687 For more information, please visit <x id="START_LINK"/><x id="CLOSE_LINK"/>.
8205344394429673413 Use PeerTube documentation
8674693181203168033 Discover how to setup your account, what is a channel, how to create a playlist and more!
5336387229608682776 PeerTube Applications
7916664392219781729 Discover unofficial Android applications or browser addons!
4093735071527927163 Contribute on PeerTube
6886584917624458638 Want to help to improve PeerTube? You can translate the web interface, give your feedback or directly contribute to the code!
185970110822844952 P2P &amp; Privacy
442017645619017020 PeerTube uses the BitTorrent protocol to share bandwidth between users by default to help lower the load on the server, but ultimately leaves you the choice to switch back to regular streaming exclusively from the server of the video. What follows applies only if you want to keep using the P2P mode of PeerTube.
6868048887248005916 What are the consequences?
1411398404280870617 In theory, someone with enough technical skills could create a script that tracks which IP is downloading which video. In practice, this is much more difficult because:
6870500454322981404 An HTTP request has to be sent on each tracker for each video to spy. If we want to spy all PeerTube's videos, we have to send as many requests as there are videos (so potentially a lot)
4042605201005159699 For each request sent, the tracker returns random peers at a limited number. For instance, if there are 1000 peers in the swarm and the tracker sends only 20 peers for each request, there must be at least 50 requests sent to know every peer in the swarm
8817667841110447397 Those requests have to be sent regularly to know who starts/stops watching a video. It is easy to detect that kind of behaviour
4100327951517495019 If an IP address is stored in the tracker, it doesn't mean that the person behind the IP (if this person exists) has watched the video
7196664247366401915 The IP address is a vague information: usually, it regularly changes and can represent many persons or entities
31c95b65cb16d779069e65e82e68690f712c4a5c Web peers are not publicly accessible: because we use WebRTC inside the web browser (<x id="START_LINK"/>with the WebTorrent library<x id="CLOSE_LINK"/>), the protocol is different from classic BitTorrent. When you are in a web browser, you send a signal containing your IP address to the tracker that will randomly choose other peers to forward the information to. See <x id="START_LINK_1"/>this document<x id="CLOSE_LINK"/> for more information


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