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4100327951517495019 If an IP address is stored in the tracker, it doesn't mean that the person behind the IP (if this person exists) has watched the video
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7196664247366401915 The IP address is a vague information: usually, it regularly changes and can represent many persons or entities
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1120376809358109718 Web peers are not publicly accessible: because we use the websocket transport, the protocol is different from classic BitTorrent tracker. When you are in a web browser, you send a signal containing your IP address to the tracker that will randomly choose other peers to forward the information to. See <x id="START_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;"/>this document<x id="CLOSE_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;/a&gt; "/> for more information
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7812408733559506009 The worst-case scenario of an average person spying on their friends is quite unlikely. There are much more effective ways to get that kind of information.
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8484650229450883706 How does PeerTube compare with YouTube?
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6213340208914097303 The threats to privacy with YouTube are different from PeerTube's. In YouTube's case, the platform gathers a huge amount of your personal information (not only your IP) to analyze them and track you. Moreover, YouTube is owned by Google/Alphabet, a company that tracks you across many websites (via AdSense or Google Analytics).
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2676074687792256808 What can I do to limit the exposure of my IP address?
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8804946818315976118 Your IP address is public so every time you consult a website, there is a number of actors (in addition to the final website) seeing your IP in their connection logs: ISP/routers/trackers/CDN and more. PeerTube is transparent about it: we warn you that if you want to keep your IP private, you must use a VPN or Tor Browser. Thinking that removing P2P from PeerTube will give you back anonymity doesn't make sense.
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401806741040118292 What will be done to mitigate this problem?
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2309808536212982229 Activities
7404776804526394585 PeerTube wants to deliver the best countermeasures possible, to give you more choice and render attacks less likely. Here is what we put in place so far:
8635362984201852982 We set a limit to the number of peers sent by the tracker
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8903417899533541365 We set a limit on the request frequency received by the tracker
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2470460396724373169 Allow instance admins to disable P2P from the administration interface
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5991790391344625653 Ultimately, remember you can always disable P2P by toggling it in the video player, or just by disabling WebRTC in your browser.
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3857357852909495917 This instance does not have instances followers.
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7128556172318221342 This instance is not following any other.
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4195286790385468087 About this instance
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8773846522957677259 About PeerTube
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1812900507515561988 About this instance's network
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4807161697338135032 Contact the administrator(s)<x id="START_PARAGRAPH" ctype="x-p" equiv-text="&lt;p class=&quot;modal-subtitle&quot;&gt;"/><x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ instanceName }}"/><x id="CLOSE_PARAGRAPH" ctype="x-p" equiv-text="&lt;/p&gt;"/>
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9082008222523034483 Get help
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ng2.template///7508177761852352782 You can comment using an account on any ActivityPub-compatible instance (PeerTube/Mastodon/Pleroma account for example).
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6386856862203107763 Create my account
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220345070199640496 PeerTube is creating your account...
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397098723873502323 Done
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6294302495409052693 Who are we?
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1445137115016841401 How long do we plan to maintain this instance?
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2975856643479054118 How will we finance this instance?
17f43ee2fb343f8b60568527d105777b99ae8414 If you are looking for an account…
8b339f3b4ba60cd2f880c7c19e8b375e7892f4c1 Currently this instance doesn't allow for user registration, but you can find an instance that gives you the possibility to sign up for an account and upload your videos there. <x id="LINE_BREAK"/> Find yours among multiple instances at <x id="START_LINK"/><x id="CLOSE_LINK"/>.
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2573967459337636542 Administrators &amp; Sustainability
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