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Key English Persian Actions
Default Mobilizon privacy policy Default Mobilizon privacy policy
default Mobilizon terms default Mobilizon terms
Default Mobilizon terms Default Mobilizon terms
Delete Delete حذف
Delete account Delete account حذف حساب
Delete Comment Delete Comment حذف نظر
Delete conversation Delete conversation
[deleted] [deleted]
Delete discussion Delete discussion
Delete event Delete event حذف رویداد
Delete Event Delete Event حذف رویداد
Delete {eventTitle} Delete {eventTitle} حذف {eventTitle}
Delete everything Delete everything حذف همه چیز
Delete group Delete group
Delete my account Delete my account حذف حساب من
Delete post Delete post
Delete {preferredUsername} Delete {preferredUsername} حذف {preferredUsername}
Delete this discussion Delete this discussion
Delete this identity Delete this identity حذف این هویت
Delete your identity Delete your identity حذف هویت شما
Deleting comment Deleting comment حذف دیدگاه
Deleting event Deleting event حذف رویداد
Deleting my account will delete all of my identities. Deleting my account will delete all of my identities. پاک کردن حسابم منجر به پاک شدن همه هویت‌های من می‌شود.
Deleting your Mobilizon account Deleting your Mobilizon account پاک کردن حساب موبیلیزون شما
Demote Demote
Description Description توضیحات
Details Details
Didn't receive the instructions? Didn't receive the instructions?
Disabled Disabled
Discussions Discussions


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