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%{member} requested to join the group. %{member} a demandé à rejoindre le groupe.
%{member} was invited by %{profile}. %{member} a été invité⋅e par %{profile}.
%{profile} added the member %{member}. %{profile} a ajouté le ou la membre %{member}.
%{profile} archived the discussion %{discussion}. %{profile} a archivé la discussion %{discussion}.
%{profile} created the discussion %{discussion}. %{profile} a créé la discussion %{discussion}.
%{profile} created the folder %{resource}. %{profile} a créé le dossier %{resource}.
%{profile} created the group %{group}. %{profile} a créé le groupe %{group}.
%{profile} created the resource %{resource}. %{profile} a créé la resource %{resource}.
%{profile} deleted the discussion %{discussion}. %{profile} a créé la discussion %{discussion}.
%{profile} deleted the folder %{resource}. %{profile} a supprimé le dossier %{resource}.
%{profile} deleted the resource %{resource}. %{profile} a supprimé la resource %{resource}.
%{profile} excluded member %{member}. %{profile} a exclu le ou la membre %{member}.
%{profile} moved the folder %{resource}. %{profile} a déplacé le dossier %{resource}.
%{profile} moved the resource %{resource}. %{profile} a déplacé la ressource %{resource}.
%{profile} quit the group. %{profile} a quitté le groupe.
%{profile} renamed the discussion %{discussion}. %{profile} a renommé la discussion %{discussion}.
%{profile} renamed the folder from %{old_resource_title} to %{resource}. %{profile} a renommé le dossier %{old_resource_title} en %{resource}.
%{profile} renamed the resource from %{old_resource_title} to %{resource}. %{profile} a renommé la resource %{old_resource_title} en %{resource}.
%{profile} replied to the discussion %{discussion}. %{profile} a répondu à la discussion %{discussion}.
%{profile} updated the group %{group}. %{profile} a mis à jour le groupe %{group}.
%{profile} updated the member %{member}. %{profile} a mis à jour le membre %{member}.
The event %{event} was created by %{profile}. L'événement %{event} a été créé par %{profile}.
The event %{event} was deleted by %{profile}. L'événement %{event} a été supprimé par %{profile}.
The event %{event} was updated by %{profile}. L'événement %{event} a été mis à jour par %{profile}.
The post %{post} was created by %{profile}. Le billet %{post} a été créé par %{profile}.
The post %{post} was deleted by %{profile}. Le billet %{post} a été supprimé par %{profile}.
The post %{post} was updated by %{profile}. Le billet %{post} a été mis à jour par %{profile}.
%{member} joined the group. %{member} a rejoint le groupe.
%{profile} posted a comment on the event %{event}. %{profile} a posté un commentaire sur l'événement %{event}.
%{profile} replied to a comment on the event %{event}. %{profile} a répondu à un commentaire sur l'événement %{event}.
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lib/web/templates/email/activity/_discussion_activity_item.html.heex:32 lib/web/templates/email/activity/_discussion_activity_item.text.eex:13
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5 months ago
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5 months ago
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priv/gettext/fr/LC_MESSAGES/activity.po, string 18