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PeerTube should run happily on a virtual machine with 2 threads/vCPUs, at least 1 Gb of RAM and enough storage for videos.
PeerTube support and discussions on bugtrackers, forum, IRC or by email;
PeerTube support for offloading transcoding to other machines is <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">being discussed</a>, but not yet implemented.
PeerTube uses ActivityPub because this federation protocol is recommended by the W3C and is also used by other projects like the social network <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">Mastodon</a>.
People can subscribe to your channel from a PeerTube website or from an ActivityPub compatible software (Mastodon, Pleroma...)
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Publish your videos with PeerTube, the YouTube alternative
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Pull requests/merge requests reviews, merges, and support of features added by external contributions (bug fixes, documentation, refactor, etc.);
RAM: nginx ~ 1MB, peertube ~ 150MB, postgres ~ 30MB, redis ~ 20MB
Reduce your server bandwidth using P2P on VOD and live videos
Releasing a new PeerTube version takes a lot of our time, so we cannot change this release cycle.
Remember that PeerTube has only <a href="#who-is-working-on-peertube">one full time developer</a> and a small handful of very involved volunteers. It is not a product developed by a start-up with a full time team and significant financial support.
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