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services->transifex->mBody->feat Create a account, upload your code and moderate contributions.
services->twitter->sDesc Microblogging
services->twitter->lDesc Express yourself on the Internet
services->twitter->tDesc Communicate through short messages in a public, confidential or private way with this ethical and decentralized alternative to Twitter.
services->twitter->hDesc Framapiaf is a free <b>microblogging</b> service, based on the decentralized software Mastodon. Find your friends on Framapiaf - or other Mastodon, GNU Social, Friendica instances - and communicate with them without being tracked.
services->twitter->mTitle Free microblogging
services->twitter->mBody->desc @framaservice allows you to follow feeds and have your own feed, with a decentralized solution.
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[0] Choose a client,
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[1] open an account,
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[2] then subscribe to various feeds
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[3] and tweet.
services->twitter->tags network, social, microblogging
services->airbnb->sDesc Accommodation
services->aweber->sDesc Newsletter
services->blablacar->sDesc Car sharing
services->routard->sDesc Travel guide
services->gchrome->sDesc Web browser
services->deezer->sDesc Music
services->flickr->sDesc Photo album
services->ganalytics->sDesc Web statistics
services->orange->sDesc Internet service provider
services->outlook->sDesc Email client
services->ovh->sDesc Web hosting & cloud
services->patreon->sDesc Micropayment and crowdfunding
services->paypal->sDesc Online payments
services->universalis->sDesc Encyclopedia
services->whatsapp->sDesc Instant messaging service
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services->pixlr->mBody->feat->[3] Free software, open to all
services->pixlr->mBody->feat->[4] Ethics: none of your data gets stored
services->pixlr->mBody->more <iframe src="" width="560" height="315" allowfullscreen></iframe>
services->pixlr->mTitle Create vector graphics quickly on open standard SVG
services->pixlr->sDesc Vectorial Drawing
services->pixlr->tags images, draw
services->pixlr->tDesc Create and modify shape based images (vector graphics, in the SVG format) simply and in a few clicks. Children love it.
services->pocket->hDesc Framabag allows you to put on one side the articles that you don’t have the time to read right away.
services->pocket->lDesc Save it and read it later
services->pocket->mBody->desc With @framaservice, you won’t lose Internet contents that interest you, even if you don’t have time to read them right away. With one click, you save your selection and you can read it whenever you want. The application saves your selection so that you can enjoy reading it when you have more time.
services->pocket->mBody->more Framabag is a <b class="violet">back-up service for web pages</b>. You store the relevant contents on the server, including texts and images. You can also share your articles and use extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Android, etc.
services->pocket->mTitle Save it and read it later
services->pocket->sDesc Content back-up
services->pocket->tags watch
services->pocket->tDesc Put on one side blog articles and the "read later" tabs and find them again easily across devices (alternative to Pocket).
services->routard->sDesc Travel guide
services->scribd->lDesc Display and share your documents
services->scribd->mBody->desc @framaservice allows you to host PDF documents and Open Document presentations (ODP) for reading by the public. Your readership won’t need to create an account nor have to put up with adverts or tracking, and can concentrate on the things that you publish.
services->scribd->mBody->feat Create an account, upload your documents and use the sharing link (or the display code on your own site).
services->scribd->mTitle Your readers have rights too
services->scribd->sDesc Sharing PDF/ODP
services->skype->hDesc Framatalk allows you to chat with your friends without installing software or having to register. The connection from you to your friends is direct through your web browser.
services->skype->lDesc Chat freely with your friends
services->skype->mBody->desc @framaservice allows you to chat with your friends in the simplest possible way, without the need to set up any sophisticated software. Discussion is completely free: no data analysis will be carried out on your conversation. Everything stays between you and your friends.
services->skype->mBody->feat You are connected to your friends directly from your web browser, without the need to set up any extra software. Once connected, enable your web browser to use your microphone and your webcam and simply start talking.
services->skype->mTitle Visioconference
services->skype->sDesc Visioconference
services->skype->tags discussion, video
services->skype->tDesc Obtain or join a videoconference chatroom (with text based web chat and screen sharing) in 3 clicks, from your web browser (alternative to Skype).
services->slack->hDesc Framateam is a libre <b>chat</b> service that allows you to communicate with your team, sends notifications to colleagues, stores conversations and allows searching them.


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