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Context English Bengali
Task summary Ensure the documentation is accurate, understandable and up-to-date.
Guide step title Head over to the documentation and pick a service
Guide step content You can start by picking a service you know well so that you don't need to get to know about the service and it's interface.
Guide step content Otherwise, just pick one at random and use it a bit to understand what it's all about.
Text for link in guide step View the documentation index
Guide step title Proofread the documentation carefully
Guide step content You can check for the following issues:
Advice content / recommendations Typos বানান ভুল
Advice content / recommendations Outdated instructions পুরোনো নির্দেশ
Advice content / recommendations Outdated screenshots পুরোনো ছবি
Guide step title Take note of each issue
Guide step content The nature of the issue and it's position
Guide step title Report the issues or fix them yourself
Guide step content Depending on how much time and how much motivation you have left, you can try to fix the issues yourself or report them
Text for link in guide step Submit patches for the documentation
Text for link in guide step Report documentation issues নির্দেশিকার সমস্যা প্রতিবেদন করো
Task name Support other Framasoft community members
Task summary Help other community members troubleshot and solve their issues while installing or using Framasoft services.
Skill name Good interpersonal skills ভালো আন্তঃব্যক্তি দক্ষতা
Skill summary Sometime you'll need extra patience
Skill name Knowledge of some projects
Guide step title Register an account on Framacolibri
Guide step content It will just take a second and is required to post on the Framacolibri forum.
Task name Write about a project you like
Task summary Do you own a blog or are you the media? Indemnify yourself by writing about a project you like to help it attain eyeballs.
Task name Solve a small issue
Task summary Improve the project by fixing a reported bug or implementing a requested enhancement.
Task name Audit a project security
Task summary Investigate and report possible security issues, and help solve them before users are affected. Please don't do this on Framasoft's infrastructure but through installing the projects yourself.
Task name Learn how to contribute to Wikipedia
Task summary Wikipedia is useful to all of us, why not contribute to it ?


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