Key English Kabyle
ng2.template///7618388257165864759 Play/Pause the video (requires player focus) Taɣuri/Aḥbas n tvidyutPause(yesra afukus n tɣuri)
ng2.template///7761890399634216630 Mute/unmute the video (requires player focus) Sgugem/kkes asgugem tavidyut (yesra afukus n tɣuri)
ng2.template///5996585232248234904 Skip to a percentage of the video: 0 is 0% and 9 is 90% (requires player focus) Ɛeddi ɣer ufmiḍi n tvidyut: 0 d 0% akked 9 d 90% (yesra afukus n tɣuri)
ng2.template///3748765405903319998 Increase the volume (requires player focus) Snerni ablaɣ (yesra afukus n tɣuri)
ng2.template///5810704036407159982 Decrease the volume (requires player focus) Senqes ableɣ (yesra afukus n tɣuri)
ng2.template///2622048822548065691 Seek the video forward (requires player focus) Seddu tavidyut ɣer sdat (yesra afukus n tɣuri)
ng2.template///6540078205109221153 Seek the video backward (requires player focus) Err tavidyut ɣer deffir (yesra afukus n tɣuri)
ng2.template///1956491957766210808 Increase playback rate (requires player focus) Snerni arured n tɣuri (yesra afukus n tɣuri)
ng2.template///5495529997674803186 Decrease playback rate (requires player focus) Senqes arured n tɣuri (yesra afukus n tɣuri)
ng2.template///3178343147230721210 Navigate in the video frame by frame (requires player focus) Inig deg tvidyut tugna s tugna (yesra afukus ɣef yimeɣri)
ng2.template///8025996572234182184 Like the video Teεǧeb-iyi tavidyut
ng2.template///7692127636377222448 Dislike the video Ur iyi-teεǧib ara tvidyut
ng2.template///1729036051846673606 When active, the next video is automatically played after the current one. Ma yili yettwarmed, tavidyut i d-iteddun ad d-tεeddi s wudem awurman seld tavidyut tamirant.
ng2.template///2431286785954354122 Recently added Ittwarna taggara-agi
ng2.template///12646164819555880 Videos from your subscriptions Tividyutin seg yimultaɣ-inek·inem
ng2.template///5237588857224999862 Open actions Ldi tigawin
ng2.template///8681933925782924101 Local videos Tividyutin tidiganin
ng2.template///3037358578603095196 Only videos uploaded on this instance are displayed Only videos uploaded on this instance are displayed
ng2.template///4668975178372693951 Discover videos Snirem tividyutin
ng2.template///8067135025051844577 Trending videos Tividyutin i d-yettuɣalen