Key English Japanese
ngb.progressbar.value <x id="INTERPOLATION"/> <x id="INTERPOLATION"/>
ngb.timepicker.HH HH HH
ngb.timepicker.hours Hours 時間
ngb.timepicker.MM MM MM
ngb.timepicker.minutes Minutes
ngb.timepicker.increment-hours Increment hours 時間の値を増やす
ngb.timepicker.decrement-hours Decrement hours 時間の値を減らす
ngb.timepicker.increment-minutes Increment minutes 分の値を増やす
ngb.timepicker.decrement-minutes Decrement minutes 分の値を減らす
ngb.timepicker.SS SS SS
ngb.timepicker.seconds Seconds
ngb.timepicker.increment-seconds Increment seconds 秒の値を増やす
ngb.timepicker.decrement-seconds Decrement seconds 秒の値を減らす
ngb.timepicker.PM <x id="INTERPOLATION"/> <x id="INTERPOLATION"/>
ngb.timepicker.AM <x id="INTERPOLATION"/> <x id="INTERPOLATION"/>
ngb.toast.close-aria Close 閉じる
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