Key English Chinese (Simplified)
00:05:57.472-->00:05:58.472 and besides… 除了这一点…
00:05:22.039-->00:05:23.313 it's not that we don't like youtubers, 问题并不是出在我们不喜欢youtuber,
00:08:25.458-->00:08:27.643 because of this whole question of… 问题就是……
00:06:29.264-->00:06:32.720 "What's the long-term vision for streaming videos?" "长期的直播模板应该是什么样?"
00:07:36.877-->00:07:41.048 where big web giant servers weren't needed 那里不需要庞大的主机网络
00:03:16.110-->00:03:17.113 of hot-air balloons. 那种感觉也很好。
00:03:22.373-->00:03:24.432 as it creates a dynamic 那样让画面更有层次感
00:03:11.117-->00:03:12.996 That's great! 那很不错!
00:08:50.969-->00:08:53.559 That's the strength of PEERTUBE's network. 那就是PEERTUBE网络的强大之处。
00:06:04.227-->00:06:05.586 It allows us to create another tool 那些想法让我们创造了另一个
00:05:58.800-->00:06:00.592 it allowed us to create PEERTUBE… 那个想法启发了我们去创造PEERTUBE…
00:09:32.279-->00:09:34.688 videos and follow accounts 追踪创作者账号
00:02:22.983-->00:02:24.550 Let's say… 这样说吧……
00:09:05.576-->00:09:08.149 requires important bandwdith
as they are large files.
00:02:27.541-->00:02:29.694 we write the "Peer" in italics 这样 "Peer" 就是斜体
00:09:53.082-->00:09:56.187 This was PEERTUBE's only graphic universe, 这曾是PEERTUBE唯一的图形社区,
00:01:45.712-->00:01:47.484 a decentralized 这是一个分散化,
00:02:38.679-->00:02:40.733 It means the plugin system 这意味着插件系统
00:06:01.059-->00:06:03.206 which isn't a copy of Youtube. 这并不是Youtube的复制体。
00:09:16.480-->00:09:18.432 That's why there are different users: 这就是我们服务不同客户的原因: