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00:00:30.152-->00:00:33.026 Many people contribute to PEERTUBE: Many contributors are on PEERTUBE
00:02:26.776-->00:02:27.516 PEERTUBE's logo: PEERTUBE's logo
00:04:09.703-->00:04:11.176 it's everyday life: it's everyday life
00:04:42.459-->00:04:44.166 I often say that design is giving a form: I often say that design is giving a form
00:08:05.034-->00:08:07.537 And thanks to peer-to-peer video streaming: And live peer-to-peer video streaming
00:09:16.480-->00:09:18.432 That's why there are different users: That's why we differ several uses.
00:12:52.598-->00:12:54.945 for bubble creation on other platforms: of bubble creation on other platforms,