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You will hugely benefit from at least a second thread though, because of transcoding. Transcoding is very cpu intensive. It serves two purposes on a PeerTube instance: it ensures all videos can be played optimally in the web interface, and it generates different resolutions for the same video. PeerTube support for offloading transcoding to other machines is <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/issues/947">being discussed</a>, but not yet implemented.
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YouTube has clearly gone astray: its hoster, Google-Alphabet, can enforce its ContentID system (the infamous "Robocopyright") or its videos recommendation system, all of which appear to be as obscure as unfair.
Your web browser sends a view to the server after 30 seconds of playback. If a video is less than 30 seconds in length, a view is sent after 75% of the video duration. After giving a view, that IP address cannot add another view in the next hour. Views are buffered, so don't panic if the view counter stays the same after you watched a video.
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You're right. PeerTube is not the perfect tool, far from it. And we never promised this software would include all the features corresponding to every use cases. 是的。Peertube 距離一個完美的工具還很遙遠。我們也從未承諾 1.0 版會涵蓋所有情況下應有的功能。
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You can still watch from your account videos hosted by other instances though if the administrator of your instance had previously connected it with other instances.
Yes, Framasoft holds the "PeerTube" trademark in several countries for preventive purposes.
With PeerTube, you get to choose your hosting provider according to their terms of use, such as their disk space limit per user, their moderation policy, who they chose to federate with... You are not speaking with a huge tech company, so you can talk it out in case of any issue, need, desire...
With PeerTube, choose <strong>your hosting company and the rules you believe in.</strong> Peertube 讓您選擇 <strong>信任的託管單位與規範</strong>。
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