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<strong>Broadcast a live stream</strong> on platforms that allow it
<strong>Browse PeerTube content</strong> with SepiaSearch
<strong>Create several channels</strong> to group your videos by theme: a channel for piano, a channel for ecology...
<strong>Customize your instance</strong> by creating your own custom theme and taking advantage of <a class="jpt-router-link" target="_blank" href="/plugins-selection">the many plugins</a> created by the community.
<strong>Define your own moderation rules</strong>
<strong>Every contribution,</strong> even the smallest, allows us to continue developing PeerTube. You think our project is going in the right direction? Please make a donation!
<strong>Gain visibility</strong> thanks to the concept of federation!
<strong>I'm getting started</strong> on PeerTube
<strong>Import your videos</strong> from another website like YouTube or Vimeo, or directly from a file
<strong>Invite different people to create their channel</strong> to post their videos, or to help you to moderate the platform