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About peer-to-peer broadcasting and watching
All of this is made possible by Peertube's free/libre license (GNU-AGPL). Its code is a digital "common", that belongs to everybody, instead of a secret formula that belongs to Google (in the case of Youtube) or to Vivendi/Bolloré (Dailymotion). This free/libre license <strong>guarantees our fundamental freedoms as users and allows many contributors to offer evolutions and new features.</strong>
Anyone with a modicum of technical skills can host a PeerTube server, aka an instance. Each instance hosts its users and their videos. In this way, <strong>every instance is created, moderated and maintained independently by various administrators.</strong>
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Direct contact with a human-scale hoster allows for two things: you no longer are the client of a huge tech company, and <strong>you can nurture a special relationship with your hoster, who distributes your data.</strong>
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