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intro->text @:txt.soft is a not-for-profit **popular educational organization**, a group of friends convinced that an **emancipatory** digital world is possible, convinced that it will arise through **actual actions** on real world and online with and for you! **Özgürleştirici** bir dijital dünyanın mümkün olduğuna inanan bir grup arkadaş, bunun çevrimiçi ve gerçek hayattaki **eylem**lerinizle ve yine sizin için, kâr amacı gütmeyen **popüler bir eğitim örgütlenmesi** olan @:txt.soft ile ortaya çıkacağına inanıyor!
peertube->footer To learn about the PeerTube software, discover how it’s organized into a <abbr title="Also known as fediverse, the whole group of federated instances.">federation</abbr> and understand how to create your own <abbr title="Decentralized installation on a server, accessible through a web address.">instance</abbr>: @:html.joinpeertube
mobilizon->text Preview the beta version of Mobilizon, which will allow you to create your alternative to MeetUp and Facebook events. This software is under development, thanks to your contributions, and will be constantly improved until the release of its V1 in the first half of 2020. Together, let’s invent the video platform that suits us. Gather ⋅ Organize ⋅ Mobilize… in complete freedom!
cuo->petitions->text Organize the awareness to an important cause for you. Alert the people. Group people interested in a common action.
cuo->mooc->title <abbr title="Massive Open Online Course" lang="en">MOOC</abbr><br /><abbr lang="fr" title="Collectif des Hébergeurs Alternatifs,Transparents, Ouverts, Neutres et Solidaires">CHATONS</abbr>
cuo->mooc->text A complete educational path, full of useful resources, to raise awareness of the challenges of digital technology and organize resistance.
cuo->peertube->text PeerTube emancipates the broadcasting of videos by mixing together the federation of hosting companies and peer-to-peer distribution. For 2020, there is still much to be done: graphic redesign, social tools, live-streaming…
cuo->mobilizon->text Mobilizon’s v1 is scheduled for 2020. This federated platform will allow to gather your group, organize it with your tools and mobilize it around your events.
cuo->cloud->text A unique account to synchronize your notes, calendar, contacts or its files, to collaborate on it, etc. it’s a proposal that we want to build, thanks to Nextcloud software.
cuo->footer All this is just a sample of all the actions we are currently working on… Discover the whole roadmap: [@:txt.cuo](@:link.cuo)!
soutenir->text Framasoft is a not-for-profit which can **only** keep running thanks to your donations. Do you like what we do? Do you think we’re going in the right direction? If so, and you’re able to make a donation, we’d very much appreciate it!