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what->md A “calc“ is an online collaborative spreadsheet. Your data is automatically
saved on the internet, and your friends can collaborate on the document at
the same time. View all changes in real time!

Work together on your inventories, your surveys, your content, your meetings
and much more!
Un « calc » es un tabulari collaboratiu en linha. Vòstras donadas son
automaticament salvagardas sus Internet, e vòstres amics pòdon collaborar
sul meteis document al meteis temps. Vejatz totes los cambiaments immediatament !

Trabalhatz ensem sus vòstres inventaris, sondatges, contenguts, vòstras
reünions e encara mai !
public->name Calc name Nom del calc
software->md @:color.calc is based on free software [@:soft.calc](@:src.calc)

@:soft.calc is under [<abbr title="Common Public Attribution License">
CPAL</abbr> license](
and uses many free libraries.
@:color.calc es basat sul logicial liure [@:soft.calc](@:src.calc)

@:soft.calc es jos [<abbr title="Licéncia Common Public Attribution">
CPAL</abbr> license](
e utiliza mantunas autras bibliotècas.
public->create Create a calc Crear un calc
garden->title Cultivate your garden Cultivatz vòstre òrt
how ## Features

- Collaborative editing (several users connected to the same spreadsheet can
simultaneously modify cells)
- Many functions available (statistics, financial, mathematics, text, etc.)
- Possibility to comment cells
- Permanent and automatic backup
- Basic graphs (histogram, lines, points)
- HTML export, CSV
- Document size: up to 100,000 lines

@:color.calc documents are easy to share (just provide the address),
to export, are saved automatically, and remain always accessible by Internet

Want a [demonstration]({link})?
## Foncionalitats

- Edicion collaborativa (mantunes connectat sus la meteissa fuèlha de calcul
pòdon modificar las celulas)
- Mantunas foncions disponiblas (estatisticas, finançariás, matematicas, tèxt,
- Possibilitat de comentar las celulas
- Salvament automatic e permanent
- Graf basic (istogrames, linhas, punts)
- Exportacion HTML e CSV
- Talha dels documents : fins a 100,000 linhas

@:color.calc los documents son simples a partejar (donatz pas que l’adreça),
a exportar, son salvagardats automaticament, e demòran accessibles sus

Volètz veire una [demonstracion]({link}) ?
help->title Getting Started Primièrs passes
meta->lead Online collaborative spreadsheet Tabulari collaboratiu en linha
public->title Options Opcions
software->title Software Lo logicial
help->md The interface has some differences compared to other spreadsheets. They can
be confusing.

If you need a hand, the answer to your questions may be in [our
<abbr title="Frequently Asked Questions">FAQ</abbr>]({link}).
Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us.
L’interfàcia a qualquas deferéncias amb los autres classadors. Pòdon
èsser desconcertantas.

Se vos cal un còp de man, la responsa a vòstras questions se tròba
benlèu dins [nòstra <abbr title="Fièra A Questions">FAQ</abbr>]({link}).
Autrament, esitetz pas a nos contactar.
garden->md To participate in the development of the software, suggest improvements
or simply download it, go to [the development site](@:src.calc)
Per participar al desvolopament del logicial, prepausar de melhoraments
o simplament lo telecargar, anatz sul [site de desvolopament](@:src.calc)
what->title What is it? Qu’es aquò ?
public->help Your calc will be **deleted after 335 days of inactivity** (no access,
no modification), in order to avoid enlargement of our database
Suprimirem vòstre calc aprèp **335 jorns d’inactivitat** (cap d’accès o
modificacion), per dire d’empachar que nòstra basa de donadas venga gròssa
sens fin.