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Quality entertainment for everyone, everywhere
Pepper&Carrot is a comedy/humor webcomic suited for everyone, every age. No mature content, no violence. Free(libre) and open-source, Pepper&Carrot is a proud example of how cool free-culture can be. I focus a lot on quality, because free(libre) and open-source doesn't mean bad or amateur. Quite the contrary.
Comic pages around the world.
Let's change comic industry!
Without intermediary between artist and audience you pay less and I benefit more. You support me directly. No publisher, distributor, marketing team or fashion police can force me to change Pepper&Carrot to fit their vision of 'the market'. Why couldn't a single success 'snowball' to a whole industry in crisis? We'll see…
Diagram: on the left-hand side, Carrot is losing money with many middle-men. On the right-hand side, the result is more balanced.
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Thanks to the <a href="%s">Creative Commons license</a>, you can contribute Pepper&Carrot in many ways.
Join the <a href="%s">Pepper&Carrot chat room</a> to share your projects!
(Note: English language is used accross our documentations, wiki and channels.)
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Send me your artworks, comics and fiction using social-medias (tag me, my social media links are written in the footer of this website) or send them to me on <a href="%s">the chat room</a> and I'll repost them here.
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