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Framadate is an online service for planning an appointment or making a decision quickly and easily. No registration is required. Ur gwazerezh enlinenn evit prientiñ un emgav pe kemer un diviz a-stroll en un doare eeun hag aes eo Framadate. N'eus marilhadur ebet goulennet.
Here is how it works: Setu penaos ez a en-dro:
Send the poll link to your friends or colleagues Kasit ere ar sontadeg d'ho mignoned pe d'ho kenseurted
What is Framadate? Petra eo?
view an example? gwelet ur skouer?
CeCILL-B license CeCILL-B eo
Framadate is licensed under the Dindan al lañvaz
Framadate was initially based on War
The software Ar meziant
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software developed by the University of Strasbourg. These days, it is developed by the Framasoft association. eo diazezet Framadate. Ur meziant diorroet gant Skol-Veur Straßburg an hini eo. Gant ar gevredigezh Framasoft eo diorroet bremañ.
Grow your own Digreizennit ho stlenneg
If you want to install the software for your own use and thus increase your independence, we can help you at: Ma fell deoc'h staliañ ar meziant evit hoc'h arver personel ha gounit emrenerezh e c'hallit kaout skoazell war:
To participate in the software development, suggest improvements or simply download it, please visit Evit kemer perzh e diorren ar meziant, kinnig gwellaennoù pe e bellgargañ, kit war
the development site lec'hienn an diorren
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