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Task summary Report typos, display issues, or other unexpected behaviour on one of Framasoft services or websites.
Guide step title Search for similar bugs
Guide step content A quick search can yield similar bug and avoid opening duplicates. Take a minute or two to search our issue tracker or our forum for recent bug reports that could match yours, but don't worry if you open a duplicate: a contributor will handle it :)
Guide step content If you find a similar bug report, you can comment on this one instead of creating a new one.
Text for link in guide step Browse existing bugs in our code repositories
Text for link in guide step Check for bugs and/or start a thread on our support forum
Guide step content This account is needed to participate to threads in our forum.
Text for link in guide step Create your Framacolibri account
Guide step title Write your bug report
Guide step content Open a new thread in the most appropriate category.
Guide step content Try to be as precise and specific as possible: the other contributors that will read your report may not know things that are obvious to you.
Guide step content We know writing an actionable bug report is hard. Do your best and give as much context as possible, but don't worry: other contributors will reach out to you if they need more details.
Advice content / recommendations Explain what you were trying to do
Advice content / recommendations Explain what you expected to happen
Advice content / recommendations Explain what actually happened
Advice content / recommendations Include logs, error messages, screenshots and information about your system (web browser, operating system…), if applicable
Advice content / avoid Use vague language such as "this is not working"
Guide step title Review and submit your report
Guide step content Read your report one last time, then click on the "Submit" button.
Guide step content A contributor will have a look at it within the next days!
Task name Review the documentation of Framasoft services Dotacje
Task summary Ensure the documentation is accurate, understandable and up-to-date.
Guide step title Head over to the documentation and pick a service
Guide step content You can start by picking a service you know well so that you don't need to get to know about the service and it's interface.
Guide step content Otherwise, just pick one at random and use it a bit to understand what it's all about.
Text for link in guide step View the documentation index
Guide step title Proofread the documentation carefully
Guide step content You can check for the following issues:
Advice content / recommendations Typos
Advice content / recommendations Outdated instructions
Advice content / recommendations Outdated screenshots


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