Key English Chinese (Traditional)
00:01:28.372-->00:01:30.240 you'll be able to find and join 您可以找到並加入
00:00:49.638-->00:00:50.938 You don't need a data-center 您不需要資料中心
00:00:06.549-->00:00:08.409 you can watch, comment 您可以觀看、留言
00:00:15.164-->00:00:16.678 You can make the web yours, 您可以將網路個人化,
00:01:24.436-->00:01:26.755 with their own rules, at a low cost. 制定自己的規則,且花費低廉。
00:00:39.855-->00:00:41.555 with shared video-catalog 並共享影片目錄
00:00:41.788-->00:00:44.056 without paying for more disk space. 又不需要額外的磁碟空間。
00:01:16.578-->00:01:18.889 with community-driven development. 由社群驅動開發。
00:00:32.996-->00:00:34.119 while being streamed 在串流的時候
00:00:52.422-->00:00:54.146 When someone watches a video, 當某人觀看影片時,
00:00:57.697-->00:00:58.813 When several people watch 當許多人
00:00:23.660-->00:00:26.501 When Meow-tube chooses to sync with Dog-tube, 當 Meow-tube 選擇與 Dog-tube 同步,
00:00:00.000-->00:00:01.872 What is PeerTube? PeerTube 是什麼?
00:01:13.226-->00:01:15.005 User freedom 使用者自由
00:00:50.938-->00:00:52.213 to run PeerTube. 來執行 PeerTube。
00:00:44.577-->00:00:46.425 This is the base of the web! 這是網路的基礎!
00:00:36.923-->00:00:38.259 This federation approach 這種聯盟式的方法
00:00:30.213-->00:00:32.996 The video files stay on Dog-tube server 影片檔案仍然在 Dog-tube 的伺服器上
00:01:30.240-->00:01:32.938 the Peertube instance that really suits you. 真正適合您的 PeerTube 實體。
00:00:58.813-->00:01:00.515 simultaneously the same video, 同時觀看同一部影片時,