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E.g.: I want to receive updates or informations from this organization.
E.g.: Your data will stay strictly confidential and will not be sold, given away or exchanged with third parties. Informations about this campaign as well as other news about this organization will be sent to you if you checked the checkbox. You can unsubscribe at any moment.
The twitter account handle of the organization, starting with the '@' symbol. E.g.: @RAP_Asso. This is necessary in order to attribute the 'Twitter Card' to the correct account. See https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/tweets/optimize-with-cards/overview/summary
Check if you want to use your own E-Mail SMTP account.
e.g.: petition@mydomain.tld
If you don't have a real email account, leave 'localhost'.
25 for cleartext connection, 587 for STARTTLS, 465 for TLS. Prefer TLS if the email server supports it.
Leave empty if you don't use any account autentication.
SMTP connection encrypted via TLS, prefer this rather than STARTTLS if possible. Don't check both. The 2 settings are mutually exclusive.
Connexion SMTP chiffrée via STARTTLS, préférez TLS à ce réglage. Ne pas cocher les 2. Les 2 réglages sont mutuellement exclusifs.
Petition title
Petition text
Side text, on top of form
Signature target number
Number of paper (or other external medium) signatures
Enable paper signatures accounting
Direction of linear gradient for background color
Source color for linear gradient
Destinatoin color for linear gradient
Color for monochrome background color