English Chinese (Traditional)
Attribution - No Derivatives 姓名標示 - 禁止改作
Attribution - Non Commercial 姓名標示 - 非商用
Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike 姓名標示 - 非商用 - 相同方式分享
Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 姓名標示 - 非商用 - 禁止改作
Public Domain Dedication 公有領域
Public 公開
Unlisted 不列出
Private 私密
Internal 內部
Published 已發佈
To transcode 待轉換編碼
To import 待匯入
Waiting for livestream 等待直播
Livestream ended 直播已結束
To move to an external storage To move to an external storage
Pending 擱置中
Success 成功
Failed 失敗
Rejected 已回絕
Regular 一般