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1/2 GB of RAM should be plenty for a basic PeerTube instance, which usually takes at most 150 MB in RAM.
Add ability for your users to publish a replay of live videos
Add <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="https://docs.joinpeertube.org/use-create-upload-video?id=captions">subtitles</a>
Administrators can manually export users data from the database. An automatic export tool will be available in the future
Administrators have full control of the content they accept and they decide whether sensitive content (violence, pornography etc.) is displayed by default or not.
A federation of interconnected hosting providers
A few questions to discover PeerTube
A free software to take back control of your videos! With more than %{ videos } hosted videos, viewed more than %{ views } millions times and %{ users } users, PeerTube is the decentralized free software alternative to videos platforms developed by Framasoft
After giving a view, that IP address cannot add another view in the next hour.
<a href="#what-are-the-peertube-features-for-administrators">Yes it does!</a>
Also, Framasoft hosts and promotes only one PeerTube search index: <a href="https://sepiasearch.org" target="_blank">https://sepiasearch.org</a>
An alternative to Big Tech's video platforms
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An ethical and open source <strong>digital common</strong>
An open code under a free/libre license
Are there any inappropriate videos on PeerTube?
Are you looking for <strong>videos or channels?</strong> Go to <router-link to="/">this page</router-link>.
A rough estimate of a traditional server's video streaming network capacity is usually quite straightforward.