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<strong>Broadcast a live stream</strong> on platforms that allow it
<strong>Browse PeerTube content</strong> with SepiaSearch
<strong>Create several channels</strong> to group your videos by theme: a channel for piano, a channel for ecology...
<strong>Customize your instance</strong> by creating your own custom theme and taking advantage of <a class="jpt-router-link" target="_blank" href="/plugins-selection">the many plugins</a> created by the community.
<strong>Define your own moderation rules</strong>
<strong>Every contribution,</strong> even the smallest, allows us to continue developing PeerTube. You think our project is going in the right direction? Please make a donation!
<strong>Gain visibility</strong> thanks to the concept of federation!
<strong>I'm getting started</strong> on PeerTube
<strong>Import your videos</strong> from another website like YouTube or Vimeo, or directly from a file
<strong>Invite different people to create their channel</strong> to post their videos, or to help you to moderate the platform
<strong>Join a community</strong> and communicate directly with the platform owners
<strong>Moreover, PeerTube does not depend on any advertising and does not track you!</strong>
<strong>PeerTube 1.1</strong> added bulk actions in the admin users table and instance/account muting;
<strong>PeerTube 1.2</strong> added the ability to unfederate a video on blacklist; the notification system now shows reports, and new users;
<strong>PeerTube 1.3</strong> added the possibility for admins to automatically quarantine new videos for new/untrusted users until a moderator reviews it. The instance's followers management was also reworked: UI is improved, follows can be denied;
<strong>PeerTube 1.4</strong> added a plugin system, and made sure plugins can for instance automatically blacklist videos or reject comments based on any rule (similar to Pleroma MRF);
<strong>PeerTube 2.0</strong> setup now asks the admin to answer questions regarding their moderation policy and dedication to it. Make a feature to automatically follow a public index of PeerTube instances part of core PeerTube, instead of leaving admins to script it themselves. This allows instance administrators to automatically follow instances of a "follow list" of their choice; a list which is self-hostable, so that communities can grow at their own pace;
<strong>PeerTube 2.1</strong> added an <em>internal</em> privacy mode to videos (such videos won't be shared outside of the instance), and added quick access to moderation tools below the comments and hooks to create registration plugins (geoblocking or captchas for example); some third-party plugins already demonstrate this ability. This release also put emphasis on describing moderation features within the interface: warnings for features that might increase moderation work like autofollow, and descriptions to the action dropdowns.
<strong>PeerTube 2.2</strong> greatly improved video abuses management (search, abuses display, actions on the video or account etc), added moderation hooks and helpers in the plugins API and Framasoft developed an experimental <em>Auto mute</em> plugin based on public lists.