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What is
What is PeerTube?
What is PeerTube's remuneration policy?
What's the interest to federate the video hosting providers?
When you are logged in and put your mouse on videos' thumbnails, a small clock-shaped icon appears in the thumbnail's upper right corner to display Watch Later. Click it to add the video to your Watch Later playlist.
When you host a large file like a video, the biggest thing to fear is success: if a video becomes viral and many people watch it at the same time, the server has a big risk of getting overloaded!
When you want to download a video on PeerTube (to do this, you just need to click on the three horizontal dots located in the menu under the video, and select Download), a window now shows detailed information about the file. This new feature is only active for videos uploaded after the release of version 2.2.
Where can I put my videos?
Who are we?
Who does what in PeerTube?
Who is behind
Who is responsible for content published on PeerTube?
Why broadcast PeerTube videos through peer-to-peer?
Why does PeerTube use the ActivityPub federation protocol? Why not IPFS / d.tube / Steemit?
Why is it better as free/libre software?
Why progressive fundraising over 6 months?
WIP to improve UX/UI
With PeerTube, <strong>you can choose the hoster of your videos according to his terms of services</strong>, his moderation policy, his federation choices... As you don't have a tech giant facing you, you might be able to talk with you hoster if you ever have a problem, a need, or something you want.
With PeerTube, choose <strong>your hosting company and the rules you believe in.</strong>
With PeerTube, you get to choose your hosting provider according to their terms of use, such as their disk space limit per user, their moderation policy, who they chose to federate with... You are not speaking with a huge tech company, so you can talk it out in case of any issue, need, desire...