Key English Swedish
data->dt->graphics Visuals
data->dt->community Communitiy
data->dt->founders Founders
data->dd->juridical Association law of 1901, recognized of general interest
data->dd->staff @:people.employees employees
data->dd->org Association supporting free and contributing projects
data->dd->id See the file
data->dd->charte Charter of the association and its services
data->dd->moderation Charter of moderation
data->dd->reportsFinancial Financial report
data->dd->reportsWriting activity report in progress
data->dd->reportsResults Income statement
data->dd->reportsActivities Activity report
data->dd->reportsMAndF Moral and financial report
data->dd->newsletter Registration and archives
data->dd->press Annual table
data->dd->graphics Graphic charter and logos
data->dd->banners Banners
data->dd->benevalo Valued volunteerism