Context English Polish
Task duration 15 minutes 15 minut
Task duration 1 hour 1 godzina
Task duration 2 hours 2 godziny
Task duration 30 minutes 30 minut
Task duration 5 minutes 5 minut
Text for link in guide step Access
Guide step content A contributor will have a look at it within the next days!
Task summary Add details to the community-based world map
Guide step content After a few seconds, the edition interface should be shown
Contribution type All Wszystkie
Skill name A mouse
Skill name A mouse, a keyboard :-)
Any preference? Jakieś preferencje?
Guide step content A quick search can yield similar bug and avoid opening duplicates. Take a minute or two to search our issue tracker or our forum for recent bug reports that could match yours, but don't worry if you open a duplicate: a contributor will handle it :)
Task name Audit a project security
Things that you should avoid Avoid Pomiń
Skill name Be fluent in another language
Text for link in guide step Browse existing bugs in our code repositories
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Guide step title Change the incorrect information