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Users having access to the results. Les utilisateurs ayant accès aux résultats.
<p>You can authorize other authenticated users to access this form's results : this requires them already having created an account. To do that, fill in their usernames in the field above (separated by commas if several).</p>
<p>When logged in, these users will have access to the results by browsing to the form's page, and clicking on the 'Results' tab. They will be able to edit and delete results. <strong>They will however NOT be able to edit the form itself</strong> (add or remove fields, change the title, etc).</p>
<p>For more information, see <a href=''>our documentation</a>.</p>
You can attach up to 5 files to your form. Vous pouvez joindre jusqu'à 5 fichiers à votre formulaire.
file(s) dossier(s)
Welcome to Framaforms Bienvenue sur Framaforms
Page not found Page introuvable
Quick form creation Création rapide de formulaires
Create a template Créer un modèle
Validation rules Règles de validation
Conditional fields Champs conditionnels
Emails Courriels
Confirmation Validation
Downloads Téléchargements
Limits Limites
You can edit this form by going to this link : Vous pouvez modifier le formulaire en vous rendant directement sur ce lien :
To the form Vers le formulaire
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