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events->subtitle Here’s where we’ll be meeting soon…
events->title See you soon?
fuel->desc Here are some examples of our contributions to the cultural commons:
fuel->list->[0] [**Framalibre:**<br />the free directory](@:link.libre)
fuel->list->[1] [**Books in the Commons:**<br />a publishing house that shakes up the codes](@:link.dlec)
fuel->list->[2] [**Memo for (free) telework:**<br />sharing experiences](
fuel->list->[3] [**[Resolved]:**<br />a guide to freeing up your digital uses](
fuel->title Our fuel:<br />concrete action and the commons
intro->blog->label To read
intro->blog->read Read more on the Framablog
intro->tube->label To watch
known-for->btn Read the article on the Framablog
known-for->dio Discover other services on Dégooglisons Internet
known-for->title We are known enough to…
known-for->try Try it
menu->actions Our actions
menu->archipelago Archipelago
menu->contact Contact us
menu->educ-pop Popular education
menu->empowerment Digital empowerment
menu->findus Finding us
menu->mastodon Mastodon (micro-blog)
menu->mobilizon Mobilizon (events)
menu->newsletter Newsletter
menu->peertube PeerTube (videos)
menu->roadmap Roadmap 2023-2025
menu->rss RSS feed
menu->services Open services
politic->btn Discover our manifesto
politic->col->[0] At Framasoft, **we dream of a better world**. We don’t want to encourage
a current system that is problematic (surveillance capitalism).
We want to contribute to another system, which favours the commons.
A path of hope, that is!

→ It’s political, because we are going **against the grain of a capitalist
vision** where personal data is a source of enrichment for multinationals.


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