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After more than 10 years of freelance in digital painting, teaching, concept-art, illustrating and art-direction, I decided to start my own project. I finally found a way to mix all my passions together, the result is Pepper&Carrot.
I'm working on this project since May 2014, and I received the help of many contributors and supporters on the way.
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I want to give people the right to share, use, build and even make money upon the work I've created. All pages, artworks and content were made with Free(Libre) Open-Sources Software on GNU/Linux, and all sources are on this website (Sources and License buttons). Commercial usage, translations, fan-art, prints, movies, video-games, sharing, and reposts are encouraged. You just need to give appropriate credit to the authors (artists, correctors, translators involved in the artwork you want to use), provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the authors endorse you or your use. More information can be read about it here:
Quality entertainment for everyone, everywhere
Pepper&Carrot is a comedy/humor webcomic suited for everyone, every age. No mature content, no violence. Free(libre) and open-source, Pepper&Carrot is a proud example of how cool free-culture can be. I focus a lot on quality, because free(libre) and open-source doesn't mean bad or amateur. Quite the contrary.
Without intermediary between artist and audience you pay less and I benefit more. You support me directly. No publisher, distributor, marketing team or fashion police can force me to change Pepper&Carrot to fit their vision of 'the market'. Why couldn't a single success 'snowball' to a whole industry in crisis? We'll see…
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Send me your artworks, comics and fiction using social-medias (tag me, my social media links are written in the footer of this website) or send them to me on <a href="%s">the chat room</a> and I'll repost them here.
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- <strong>ImageMagick</strong> & <strong>Bash</strong> for 90&#37; of automation on the project.
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Official homepage of Pepper&amp;Carrot, a free(libre) and open-source webcomic about Pepper, a young witch and her cat, Carrot. They live in a fantasy universe of potions, magic, and creatures.
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