Key English Occitan
logout Logout Se desconnectar
mobilizon_banner Mobilizon banner Bandièra mobilizon
my_account My account Mon compte
my_events My events Mos eveniments
my_groups My groups Mos grops
navigation_drawer_close Close the menu Tampar lo menú
navigation_drawer_open Open the menu Dobrir lo menú
no No Nani
no_internet No Internet Connection Cap de connexion Internet
no_results No results. Cap de resultats.
not_valide_instance This instance does not seem to be valid! Sembla pas qu’aquesta instància siá valida!
ok OK D’acòrdi
open_with Open with Obrir d'amb
permissions_message This permission is used for searching events next to your location. Aquesta permission es utilizada per cercar d’eveniments a proximitat.
pickup_instance Pick this instance Causir aquesta instància
register Register S’inscriure
search Search Cercar
search_instance_hint Search among instances Cercar demest las instàncias
settings Settings Paramètres
show_location Show Location Mostrar la localizacion