Key English Kabyle
about About Γef
about_the_app About the app (Release %1$s) Γef usnas (Lqem %1$s)
account Account Amiḍan
access_needed App need access to %1$s Asnas yesra anekcum ɣer %1$s
cancel Cancel Sefsex
change_instance Change instance Senfel tummant
close Close Mdel
navigation_drawer_close Close the menu Mdel umuɣ
create Create Rnu
enable_data Enable Data Rmed isefka
error Error: %1$s Tuccḍa: %1$s
explore Explore Snirem
groups Groups: %1$s Igrawen: %1$s
help Help Tallalt
instances_picker Instances picker Anefran n tummant
license License Turagt
local_events Local events: %1$s Tidyanin tidiganin: %1$s
login Login Kcem
logout Logout Ffeɣ
app_name Mobilizon Mobilizon