Key English Kabyle
logout Logout Ffeɣ
mobilizon_banner Mobilizon banner Takerḍiwt n Mobilizon
my_account My account Amiḍan-inu
my_events My events Ineḍruyen-inu
my_groups My groups Igrawen-inu
navigation_drawer_close Close the menu Mdel umuɣ
navigation_drawer_open Open the menu Ldi umuɣ
no No Uhu
no_internet No Internet Connection Ulac tuqqna ɣer internet
no_results No results. Ulac igmaḍ.
not_valide_instance This instance does not seem to be valid! Tummant-a tettban d tarameɣtut!
ok OK IH
open_with Open with Ldi s
permissions_message This permission is used for searching events next to your location. Tasiregt-a tettuseqdec i unadi n tedyanin i iqerben ɣer wadeg ideg telliḍ.
pickup_instance Pick this instance Fren tummant-a
register Register Kles
search Search Nadi
search_instance_hint Search among instances Nadi gar tummanin
settings Settings Iɣewwaren
show_location Show Location Sken adeg